Positivity is Hard Work

November 5, 2012

Don’t worry, my lovelies. Our Blue Collar family is safe. I didn’t get flooded or lose power. I won’t lie, though. The water came a little too close for comfort. But we were lucky. Other parts of my area…well. I’m sure you’ve heard.

I couldn’t be sad while Lil Blue was home because I didn’t want to alarm him. I wanted him to know that when something like this happens, you mobilize. How do you help when you have so little? Well, there’s always something you don’t need that you can give. A can of soup, a hat, a warm sweater, an extra bar of soap. He gave some small toys and books. I’ve been trying to get info out on my personal fb page, and on twitter. Now that Lil Blue is back in school i’ll be finding ways to volunteer.

I want to be sad. But it is immobilizing. Negativity in times like this is wasteful.

My cousins used to take me to Rockaway Beach when I was younger. The beach I remember is gone gone gone.

I have to tell you guys that the amount of regular people getting together and helping is awe-inspiring. Seeing people use social media to spread info, watching neighborhoods come together to help each other and others… It brings tears to my eyes.

I never got a chance to go to the Jersey Shore. No Point Pleasant or Cape May. It’ll never be how it was and i’ll never have seen it. Never is such a heavy word.

At the end of this post i’ll put up links to different organizations you can check out if you want to help. Right now I have to give a special shout out to Occupy. They immediately organized relief efforts in ALL of the affected areas. They’re giving help directly to people, providing everything they can. From hot meals to cleaning products to clothes and more. There are number of other orgs doing similar work, but I haven’t seen anything as massive as Occupy Sandy Relief. I can’t wait to find a place near me where I can join their efforts. Thank you, Occupy. People power is beautiful.

People were trapped in their homes. People died. From Cuba to the northern US, people saw the water rise and heard the wind scream and knew it was coming for them. How do you flee the wrath of Nature?

I’m allowing myself this post & a few hours of these dark thoughts. I need to feel what I feel and move forward. These thoughts are selfish. If I let them linger too long they’ll keep me from being useful. And there’s nothing worse to me than someone who can help others but won’t because of their own obstructive negativity.


Brooklyn Community Foundation


Occupy Sandy Relief NJ

Amazon registry where you can have supplies shipped to NJ

Amazon registry where you have supplies shipped to Brooklyn, NY

Red Hook Initiative

Donate blood in NJ

Donate blood in NY

Cuba Education Tours has info on how Americans and Canadians can help Cuba recover from the hurricane

Direct Relief is doing great work in Haiti, where there’s a fight to stop the spread of cholera

You can also donate to the Red Cross if you want. These other orgs are giving directly to victims though, so that’s why I linked to them. There are so many more places and orgs that are helping. Please, if you know of any feel free to let me know in comments.

Hug your family. Call your parents/grandparents/guardians. Text your best friends. Give your pet a special treat. Look up at the sky, take a deep breath, and smile. You’re alive, and i’m so happy about it.