I had Lil Blue when I was 19. I had to move back in with my mom. Mr. Blue Collar had to rent a room in another borough because there wasn’t enough space at my mom’s. I had to apply for W.I.C. so I could afford formula & such. I got a job working at ground zero when LB was about 2½ months old, working 7 days a week, 12hrs a day. It was tough, but we needed to move into our own place. We got an apartment. Everything was fine for about 3 months. Then I got laid off.

We tried to make it. I got a waitressing job that paid a fraction of what I was making. Mr. Blue Collar was (&still is) a security guard and took as many shifts as he could. Still, we couldn’t afford to pay the $1000 rent and eat. I was too proud to go on public assistance. I was foolish. Pride doesn’t put food in your kid’s belly. Anyway, we had to go to court to fight eviction. We had to promise to make payments to a faceless landlord that we knew we couldn’t make. We got the bright orange sticker placed on our apartment door warning that the marshals were going to come and kick us out. We left like thieves in the night. Where could we go? My mom still didn’t have space. Mr. BC reconcilled his relationship with his father and we went there to stay with him and his girlfriend.

Lil Blue’s crib was set up in the living room & Mr. BC and I slept on couches. I can’t go into details about living there because I don’t want to air Mr. BC’s business. I can say after about 2 months Mr. BC had to go back to renting a room elsewhere. Because our residences were so far apart, we only saw each other on weekends. Though Mr. BC’s father & girlfriend were good to my son, they were less so with me. I was miserable.

That lasted for about a year. One day, my mother told me she’d made an important decision. She was moving down to Florida for a fresh start and was leaving me “the apartment” (my family owns an apartment in an HDFC building). That was the beginning of better days for our little Blue Collar family. We still had and will have tough times ahead of us. But that feeling of debilitating anxiety and impending doom aren’t as bad as they once were.

Why am I telling you all this? Because neither Ann Romney or Hilary Rosen speak for me. They probably don’t speak for you either. How can anyone speak for me if they don’t know my story? And who knows my story better than I do? The only way people will know where you come from, who you are, and what you stand for is if you find a way to speak. Speak up. Speak out. In whatever way you can.

I hope you’ll all join me & women around the country in standing up and speaking out on April 28th at marches and rallies against the war on women.


5 Responses to Speak

  1. writechic says:

    You’re so admirable and so tough, bcm. Romney, the Romneys, are so riddled with contradictions. I’m expecting to see his head explode during the debates when he’s forced to confront them, answer for them on a national stage. While Mrs. Romney seems a thousand times more human than Callista and the rest of the Stepfords, a chick with 5 houses isn’t exactly someone that relates to regular people.

    • Thanks so much!

      Yeah, Mitt is full of crap. It’ll be exciting to watch him squirm under pressure.
      I agree, Ann Romney is more likeable than the other Repubs’ wives. But, you’re right. She’s never had the same worries that the average mom has had. I’m sure she’s a great mom, but I doubt that aside from actually giving birth we’d have anything else in common. To be fair, the same goes for Rosen.

      • writechic says:

        His January comment where he declares the dignity of work for all poor mothers is off the chain. How many jobs worked by poor mothers did he eliminate? Plus, Mormons go on and on and on about how good it is for children that their moms to be at home with them as much as possible. The shadow of Romney policy looks like it’s got its heel on the throats of poor working mothers. I don’t know how he can keep such opposing ideas alive inside that brain. That’s one of the reasons I expect an exploding head moment. 😆

  2. Jim Stewart says:

    Who the #&!@ is Hillary Rosen anyway? Oh, Wikipedia tells me she was the RIAA’s mouthpiece back in the Napster days. She is not a “Democratic party spokesperson,” just some corporate shill who I guess is a Democrat. Love the spokespeople our “liberal media” give us these days.

    Thanks for speaking up, and never stop.

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