What drove me to join hundreds (if not thousands) of people in Union Square yesterday?

Was it hearing that a 17yo was shot by a racist? No.

Was it hearing the fucking ridiculous I-can’t-be-racist-because-I’m-not-technically-white defense? No.

Was it learning that Trayvon was considered “suspicious” because he was black and was wearing a hoodie? No.

Was it the fact that police performed a drug & alcohol test...on TRAYVON’S LIFELESS BODY and NOT his murderer? No.

Was it learning that George Zimmerman (to be known from now on as the murdering fuckhead) has a history of being fucking crazy? No.

Was it the ass-backward law (section 3) that is being interpreted incorrectly to allow the murdering fuckhead to walk free? No.

No, what drove me to say “I can’t sit this one out” was this 911 call. It’s knowing that someone’s baby was screaming for help and no one came. It’s knowing that for 2 days, Trayvon’s parents had no idea what happened to their son.

Most of all, it was Trayvon’s mother. As a mother, I know there is not one single thing I can say to make her pain go away. She has to live the rest of her life with this hole in her heart. And she can’t even get the miniscule relief of closure in getting justice for the murder of her baby? Fuck. That. If my insignificant presence can bring some tiny comfort to her, as one mom to another, how could I not go?


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