Dumbass of the Week


So, I wrote 2 posts that no one gives a shit about but that I actually put some thought and effort into. That’s right, I made the fatal mistake of giving a fuck about what you people think and now I feel like doodoo. Shame on me! Now it’s time to make fun of fundies!

I saw the headline on this article and I laughed and laughed. So I decided that our DotW is Kristi Watts & the 700 Club, because FUCK YOU, I LOVE WICCANS!

Fundamentalist Kristi Watts Upset that Atheists Do Not Hate Wiccans

Yeah! Why are you atheists always picking on xtians?! Why don’t you go after them thar heathen-pagans?!

Kristi Watts, described on her bio as being “upbeat and quick with a smile” but apparently none too bright, and who never to let slip an opportunity to demonstrate this, later chimed in with by saying that since Wicca “believes in the environment and believes that trees are there God,” then “why are these atheists not saying we should cut down every tree because it’s offensive?”

…HAAHAAHAHAHA! Really? No, really??? First of all, the fact that the 700 club and Pat Robertson are still around is all the proof I need that there is no god.

Secondly, reading is fucking fundamental. What Wiccans believe varies, but they don’t worship trees. Seriously, Kristi(never trust a chick with an i instead of a y at the end her name), learn how to use the fucking googles before you open your mouth.

Thirdly, the reason why atheists and wiccans get along pretty well is that we’re generally not trying to murder each other. CAAAARRRAZZZYYY, right?! I mean, with those eeeebil wiccans being all like “an that it harm none, then do what ye will” and atheists and their “good without god” and general dislike for preachiness, it’s so difficult to see why these groups pretty much leave each other alone!

I suspect that extreme right wing xtian support of corporate polluting and denial of global climate change is just another way for them to attack pagans, especially if they think pagans’ gods are actually trees and shit.

I bet Kristi WithAFuckingI Watts is bff with a former DotW. Remember Christine O’Dumbass? Yeah, I try not to either. I bet they call themselves the Krissi Sissies. I bet they dabble into all kinds of picnic table witchery type stuff. I got my eye on you, Krissi Sissies!


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