To any new readers out there, welcome and I hope you enjoy my sporadic rants.
To my old readers, I KNOW! It’s been a long time since I last posted and you’re desperate for some BCM love. Well chill the fuck out, i’m working on some stuff AIIIIGHT?! Geez…

Anyway, I’ve decided to make 2 resolutions this year. Anyone who knows me should be surprised by this. Generally I think resolutions are friggin’ dumb. They were probably started as a gimmick to get people to buy some weight loss bs or something. No, BCM’s cures are staying right where they are (sorry, humanity).

My resolutions are:
1 – to learn even more about our beautifully rich working-class history. I mean really learn. Find the connections between then and now, find out for myself where we went wrong as far as forming international unions, really study the links between labor, feminism and immigrant rights. I know these are old topics to some, but they are new to me. I love history and am gradually falling head-over-heels for labor history. And I’ve discovered that my favorite kind of activism is learning about our working-class past in order to inform our working-class present so we can improve our working-class future.

2 – to stop taking “mainstream” views of historical and/or political figures for granted. Anyone from Malcolm X to MLK, from Hitler to Mother Theresa, from extreme left to extreme right and anyone I can think of in between. I’d like to try to put aside what I think I know about people and find out as much truth as I can. I hate this feeling of having to choose between 2 opinions that have already been provided for me by some nameless, faceless entity.

So there they are. It’s nothing spectacular, but i’m really looking forward to this new year. I’m calling it “The Year BCM Gets Off Her Lazy Ass and Gets Her Learn On.” Catchy, ain’t it?

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