Every single part of me wants to be in lower Manhattan today, showing my support for OWS. Unfortunately, if I get arrested (and let’s face it, I so would) there would be no one available to pick up my kid from school. Lil Blue > everything else in the multiverse. Since I can’t physically be there, I dragged my ass to the dirty commie library so I can occupy the interwebs. You’re welcome!

I’ve been asked by a lot of people what Occupy Wall St is all about. Here’s how I answer:
I think every single person that occupies and/or supports this movement has a different answer for this question. The one thing that seems to always come up, though, is that people are just literally sick and tired of the rampant corporate greed in this country. We expect some greed. But the fact that people are losing the roofs over their heads, the $ in their pockets, their loved ones due to untreated illnesses, the food out of their mouths just to pad the profit margins of a very few people in this country is sickening to so many people. Personally, I’m not anti-corporation. I just don’t think that a corporation can or should be considered a person. I don’t think that my vote should be considered any less valuable than the vote of a very wealthy person. I don’t think that a multibillionaire should pay the same (or sometimes lower) tax rate as, say, a teacher. And I don’t think a corporation has the right to basically buy our entire political system. Oligarchies are scary. yo!

Anyway, I just wanted to throw my 2 cents into the global conversation. My answer may not be original, or deep, or well-worded, or new and fresh. But it’s mine and it’s important that I say it. It’s important that we all have and use whatever voice we have, no matter how small it may seem.

Here are some sites I’ve been paying extremely close attention to today for updates on OWS
The Indypendent (S/O to Rev Manny Jalonschi who writes for them!)
NYC General Assembly
Democracy Now!
and you can watch Alternet’s livestream here.

You can follow all these things on twitter. Also, I’ve moved on up to the 21st century and am now on twitter. @bluecollarmamma

Please, if you’re out there today, be safe!


  1. writechic says:

    Hey, girl. No need to venture thatta way. The revolution is where you stand, sit, kneel, squat, or lie down. Besides the only time the munchkin doesn’t come first is when you have to come first because the munchkin needs you in tip top shape. Motherhood! Plus, you’re educating the hope, the future. šŸ˜€

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