My Idea

During the course of an IM conversation with one of my favorite people (pictured above), I had an idea. You know how Fox”News” is always inviting democrats/liberals/progressives on to try to show how they’re all “fair and balanced”, right? And then they bully, shout over, and lie to/about the leftist that goes on. What if, every time a leftist goes on Fox, they completely abandon whatever they were supposed to talk about and just constantly and unflinchingly question whoever is giving the interview about the New Corp scandal? Think about it. If you’re left of Ann Coulter, you’re not gonna be able to get your point across on that sorry excuse for a news station anyway, right? Why not use that time to everyone’s advantage?

Ask them why they’re not covering the scandal. If they’re fair and balanced, they have a professional obligation to report the facts. Why won’t they? Is it because the type of unethical, illegal, and downright disgusting practices we’ve heard about are a corporate-wide practice and Fox is afraid investigators will find out the truth about them? What are they hiding? Ask the person interviewing you how they feel, as a so-called journalist, to be working for a company that’s this unethical. Ask how they can have the nerve to have their corporate HQ in New York City, to live in or near the city and work there, yet stand idly by as their bosses OK hacking into 9/11 victims’ families’ phones. You know, things like that.

I’m going to be writing to my Senators, Representatives, State Senators, my State Assembly and my City Council to see if I can persuade some of them to do this. Or at least make enough noise so that they have to investigate News Corp here in the US. Enough is enough.

What do you think?

5 Responses to My Idea

  1. Liz says:

    This so needs to be done. Those asshats are conveniently not reporting on the biggest global scandal of the moment, because it’s them!

    I, too will contact all the sane people who for some reason go on that propaganda network. Great idea!

  2. I’ve been emailing, phoning *this gets them the quickest* my reps and senators and others, too. Primarily on the current American ‘crisis’…. you have a wonderful point! Sharing your post!

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