Why You Should Read “Manzanita”

May 25, 2011

The writer and creator of the blog/Etsy shop called Manzanita is a wonderful woman named Rebecca. She offers give-aways on her blog. I want what is being given away. That is one of the purposes of this blog.

Aside from me being greedy, I would love it if you could head on over there and check Manzanita out anyway. It’s a lovely collection of art, crafts, pictures, thoughts, writing, challenges and just general loveliness. It’s one of the few non-news things I read on a nearly daily basis. I also love her Etsy shop and urge you to support indie makers of awesome things.

Stay tuned for future posts involving politics and me cussing. A lot.



May 21, 2011

I know it’s been a while. I’ve been unable to focus (I’m looking at YOU Lil Blue, Mr. Blue Collar, and the Blue Collar Kitties) and I apologize from the cockles of my heart. I promise you I have something good coming. So stop with all the pressure already, GEEZ! But first, a little rant.

Apparently, some of you faithful lovers of the Big JC and his Old Man are getting rapturized today. Even though your handy-dandy notebook specifically says that no one, not even the Big JC, can know the date of  judgyness. It’s like one of them flash mob type things. You won’t know it’s happening til you get the tweet. Anyway, it turns out the Old Man has scheduled the rapture on the same day AND at the same time I scheduled Mr. Blue Collar’s birthday dinner. FAUX PAS, Old Man! You really should have cleared this with me first. I mean, all it would have taken was a cup of coffee and a comparing of daily planners. And I bet you don’t even show up. We all know your track record for showing up when you say you will. Time to stop flaking out and commit already! We’re tired of rearranging our social calendars!

The up side of this is the actual end of days is supposed to be October 21st. That’s a little over a week before my 30th birthday, so that works for me. Anyway, if the Old Man finally decides to show up, make sure you’re wearing your rapture-proof undies!