Blue Collar Mamma’s Blog: Supplemental


The splendiferous, magnificent, marvelous, most awesome, mighty mighty Reverend Manny’s book is on sale here, biznotchezz! Go buy that shit RIGHT. THE FUCK. NOW! You should also read his blog.

Why should you support the mighty Rev? Because I said so, that’s why! Also, because The Rev knows why your liberal heart is bleeding. He knows you need to stop crying like a little bitch with a skinned knee and get up and do something about what’s going on around you. But

You can just read all the awesome reviews (and this article about him  in the NY DAILY FUCKING NEWS!), then decide whether or not you wanna get your head out of your ass and order yourself a copy.



One Response to Blue Collar Mamma’s Blog: Supplemental

  1. you’re awesome… :*) … thanks so much for the shout out

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