That Ain’t Cute. Stop It.

I was on Reddit, avoiding the dishes that have piled up since last night, when I clicked on this list:

The 13 Sexiest Psycho Girlfriends in Internet History

At first I thought most of the videos were just plain old dumb. Then I watched this one.

So, this bitch is mad because her fiancée went off to Vegas and hasn’t even bought her an engagement ring yet. THE NERVE! (in case you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm) To get even, she decides to destroy his favorite Star Wars figure. It’s a figure of a Storm Trooper riding a speeder bike from Return of the Jedi. And she doesn’t destroy it in a fit of rage or in the heat of the moment. No no. She’s cool, calm, and collected. She and her friends have a few drinks and plan it out. WTFUCKINGF?!

First of all, that shit is ILLEGAL. I hope he sued the hell out of her stupid ass. I don’t care how many times you’ve seen “Waiting to Exhale”, that ain’t cute! This doesn’t make you a “strong, empowered woman”. It makes you a crazy.

Secondly, it’s pretty obvious that he’s been collecting these figures for a long time. He has them in an enclosed, illuminated case. So, it’s not like his feelings about Star Wars are a new issue in their relationship. And pretty much every dude I have ever met, EVER, has had a thing for Metal Bikini Leia at one point or another in his life. It’s perfectly normal and natural, so she needs to stop trying to make it seem like it’s sick. It’s not. You know what is though? Her and her friends destroying private property.

Not for nothing, but if the dude not having a ring then and there when he proposed was such a deal breaker BITCH SHOULD HAVE SAID NO! What the holy fuck?! She didn’t have to say yes. If she had a problem with him whoring and gambling it up in Vegas, she should have told him that before he left. And if he is whoring it up, is this really the dude she wants to be marrying?

This is not feminism. This is not “girl power”. This is dumb, spoiled bitches acting like dumb, spoiled bitches. Seriously, ladies. If you want your man to spend more time with you, tell him. You know what I do when I want Mr. Blue Collar to spend time with me? I go into whatever room he’s in and say, “Yo. Spend time with me.” And it works 100% of the time. Imagine that?! When Mr. Blue Collar gets a new video game or new movie that I’m not into, I shoot a text to my best friend and see if she wants to go out and go dancing and drinking (heavily). Or I read a book. Or get some shit done around the house. There are a number of things I can think of doing while he’s playing his game. None of them involve hitting his gaming system with a blunt object.

I’m not saying you should put up with it if it’s making you seriously unhappy. Not at all. If it really bothers you that your guy isn’t spending time with you, isn’t respecting how you feel about certain issues, or isn’t giving you what you need emotionally then you probably should ask yourself if this is the right person for you to be with right now.

I guess the point of this rant is that men are not mind readers. Instead of going all Mommy Dearest on a dude, try telling him what you want. And I don’t care how hot you are, crazy ain’t cute.




2 Responses to That Ain’t Cute. Stop It.

  1. writechic says:

    That was hard to watch. I was afraid they were going to destroy everything.

    I agree the chicks are out of line. They just come off as mean and the worst problem solvers ever.

  2. oso says:

    Hi bluecollarmamma,
    One point of contention-it would have been EXACTLY the right approach to Wall St and the banks, rather than bailing them out. Otherwise yeah I’m down with you!

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