Dumbass of the Week: YOU DECIDE!

It’s that time again! Time for you beautiful biznotches to holla atchya Blue Collar Mamma and vote for who should be crowned this week’s Dumbass.


“Mr. Stoma” is obviously not this person’s real name, but it might as well be. Because he’s a huge colostomy. Basically, he fucked with 2 of my friends. And I hate that shit. He called them in the middle of a workday, was condescending and obnoxious, and was downright rude to them both. There are details involved, I’ll go into them more if he gets chosen.

“Rev.” Franklin Graham is an evangeli-hole who, among other nonsense, decided to talk smack about President Obama having “the seed of Islam” in him.

“Ms. Customer-is-WRONG” is a woman out in Indiana. My cousin had just moved out there and started working in a retail store. Here is the story:

I just started, and a woman comes in to [retail store], when she gets to register she says to my boss “that Australian lady is really nice” my boss says “who?” ” that lady who [helped me]” “oh she is from Staten Island” “well, yea she was nice!” umm ok!

There we have it. Vote for who you’d like me to mock this week. And remember, there’s always the write-in option. If there’s a Dumbass in your life that deserves attention, let me mock them for you!


2 Responses to Dumbass of the Week: YOU DECIDE!

  1. writechic says:

    I went with Reverend Douchebag.

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