I Have a Nine Year Old…Holy Moly!

I’m not staying on the computer today. I know, shocking! What has caused this weird phenomenon? TODAY IS LIL BLUE’S BIRTHDAY! My baby is 9 years old today.

9 years ago today I was lying in a hospital bed. Freaking out because I’d just become a mom(I was 19)… Getting pissed at the nurse for treating me like an idiot(she asked if I’d “made kaka” yet)… Getting to know this new little person in my life. I remember him being so alert when he was born. And he was such a good baby. Never got sick, only cried when he was hungry or needed other baby type care. I remember in the mornings, when he got a bit older, he would just lay there. Staring at the shadows the sun was making on his walls. And when someone would go to get him, he’d give this big smile.

He loves science. He wants to be an astronaut and a paleontologist. I can’t wait to start introducing him to chemistry. I see much cleaning in my future.

Oh, he also want to be a bus driver. I mean, he is Lil Blue Collar after all πŸ˜‰

He used to love for me to sing this song to him before bed…

:: sigh :: I still don’t want another one though

3 Responses to I Have a Nine Year Old…Holy Moly!

  1. awesome!!! tell little blue we all said HAPPY BDAY!!

  2. Kristine aka Sister Blue says:

    I remember this day too. Cisco and I took you to the hospital. The nurses were being jerks and I remember me and Frank yelling at them. It was hard to see you in pain like that twin. Then I remember someone waking me up cuz they wouldnt allow me in the room when you gave birth. Well, I was sleeping and someone woke me up and I remember yelling at them for waking me up LOL…thats me πŸ™‚ I remember walking into the room and you looking so tired. And I looked over on the table and there was this big blob bloody thing. I said WTF is that. You said “thats my placenta asshole” and then I got you something to eat. πŸ™‚ I remember meeting Gio for the first time and I thought. HOLY SHIT MY SISTER IS A MOTHER! I instantly fell in love with your son. He’s the bestest nephew in the world!

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