I Got Something For Her To “Refudiate” Right Here!

This bitch must have put her bumpit on too tight yesterday morning. She must have. Otherwise, why would Failin’ Palin suddenly decide to start tweeting smack about the mosque being built near the WTC site?

First of all, again with the fucking “refudiate”?! She goes on to defend her stupidity:

Oh no she did not just compare yourself to Shakespeare! She didn’t even write her OWN BOOK! And now she’s put herself on the same level as mufuggin Shakespeare? Who the hell is she kidding?

You know what stabs me in my heart? When people use anything relating to ground zero as an excuse for hate and intolerance. Especially people who weren’t here in NYC when shit went down. I remember having to seriously argue with people about how people who believe in Islam are mostly peace-loving. About how Sikhs are not Muslim and don’t deserve the harassment they’d been getting. About how innocent Muslims had also been killed in the attacks. I remember feeling scared and helpless and angry and desperately sad. When I saw the footage of people outside the U.S. cheering in the streets, I was as angry as any other person.That doesn’t mean I wanted us to go into their country and bomb the shit out of them and convert all the survivors to another religion. Because that doesn’t solve anything. And it hasn’t. It’s been almost 10 years, and we’re still bombing them. For what? To “win”? I don’t want this blood-soaked victory.

I worked at ground zero for a few months after 9/11. I know people who volunteered right after the attacks. If I didn’t have a 1½ month old baby at the time, I would’ve been there that day to help. I’ve talked to many people since then; people who live here in the city but hadn’t been to the site. I can’t explain, even to them, what it was like to be there. It took me a week before I asked my foreman for a break, walked off by myself and just lost it. I hadn’t cried that hard since my grandmother died.

I remember being angry about the cross at ground zero. It’s probably what led me down the road to atheism. But you know what I didn’t do? I didn’t tell those people that they had to take it down. I didn’t protest it’s existence. I didn’t try to close down the little chapel they had there for the workers to worship. You know why? Because that would have been un-American. Who am I to say what religion can and cannot worship and pray on or near ground zero?

I’m not happy about the mosque being built. I would be equally unhappy if a church or synagogue were being built. I’d much rather have a museum built to display the atrocities we humans commit toward one another because of religious intolerance. A place to promote reason and love without religion. I’d never dream of protesting the building of a religious structure though. I would never try to impede on another person’s first amendment rights.

The fact that Failin’ sees no problem with spreading lies, hatred and ignorance is nothing new. But the fact that she’d support something as un-American as to deny people the right to worship where ever they want is appalling.

How dare she stick her uneducated, ignorant bobble head in our “fake America” business. How dare she imply that the folks in the “heartland” have more of a grasp on the horrors of 9/11 than we, who were fucking HERE, do.

So again I say to you, Queen BumpIt, I got something for you to fucking refudiate RIGHT HERE!


2 Responses to I Got Something For Her To “Refudiate” Right Here!

  1. oh man… thank you for such a solid consistent takedown of Queen Bumpit

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