Secular Sunday Silliness

I’ve been searching the intertubes, trying to find the perfect thing to give to you lovely biznotchezzz this fine Sunday afternoon. And I’ve found it. It’s probably the most poignant love song you’ll ever hear in your whole life:

Tell me you didn’t cry a little at the end there. I know you did. Doesn’t she look like a cross between Hoggle and a treasure troll? Can you just imagine what it must have been like for her growing up? Her dad running off to help some home-wrecking bitch woman through the labyrinth, leaving her and her mom to fend for themselves. Times getting so tough her mom had to start letting strangers rub her belly jewel and blow through her hair. For luck. That’s what her mom always told her, with tears in her eyes… for luck.

Then, finally, she grows up and moves to the big city. And she meets the man of her dreams! He has the hair cut of the gods, a badass motorcycle and a heart of gold. But, for reasons not explained in this video, he leaves her! Just like everyone else in her life! She even offered to give him a ride in her Mr. Drummond limo. But that wasn’t good enough for his conceited ass! SHE CAN’T TAKE IT NO MORE! So, she gets on a plane. No one knows where she’s headed. I don’t think she even knows. She’s going to find herself out in the big wide world…

She’s so upset her song doesn’t even rhyme. It’s free verse because she’s a free spirit, DAMN IT, and she’ll sing how she feels!

Am I the only one who feels there needs to be a sequel to this video?


5 Responses to Secular Sunday Silliness

  1. Sequel? I’m thinking trilogy

  2. Kristine says:

    I saw this not that long ago. Did I send this to you. When I saw it, I thought of your fresh air fund mom. Is that bad?

  3. Kristine aka Sister Blue says:

    thats what it must have been. that day you sent me horrible horrible music videos

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