Don’t Hate. Refudiate!

Here we go again! Queen BumpIt has opened her Botox filled lips and issued her opinion on the NAACP’s opinion of the Teabigot movement. Here’s the video

I’m so over this lady already. But, I can’t not say anything. So let’s do this.

Just because you’re not throwing around the n-word, doesn’t mean you’re not a racist. If people would get their heads out of their asses for 2 damn seconds they’d realize that racism comes in all shapes and sizes.

What would you do, Sarah? Seriously, all you’ve done is undermine everything the President is trying to get accomplished. I have yet to hear one idea come from you. I challenge you to name, off the tippy top of your bumpit, 5 of the “challenges” the country is facing and what you would do about it.

If the President was white, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. If he were white would anyone be screaming for his birth certificate, telling him to go back to whatever European country his ancestors were from? I’m not saying that every tea party person is racist. I’m saying the most vocal ones are. The ones that are shouting for Obama to go back to Kenya, or claiming that he’s a Muslim like being Muslim is the worst thing in the world. Those are the people the NAACP wants to condemn.

And do you know what the Boston Tea Party was even about? Have you ever read any history besides the history book you got in the 6th grade? Do you know what the events were that led to the Tea Party?

AND WHAT THE FUCK DOES REFUDIATE MEAN?! Is this the kind of person you want running your country? Someone who doesn’t understand words?

Seriously, read something worthwhile, please?! Because it’s like the mighty Reverend Manny says:

Until we know our own histories, how can we honestly expect to call bullshit on our politicians?….

There is no excuse for ignorance. None. I didn’t go to college. I didn’t come from the lap of luxury. But I don’t use that as an excuse to keep myself uninformed. Educate yourself or STFU and GTFO. The grown ups are talking now.


One Response to Don’t Hate. Refudiate!

  1. thanks for the shout out… wtf is REFUDIATE?! lol

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