Potential Kitchen Disaster of the Day

You guys need to be making these recipes. No joke. I made the semifreddo last night and had some today. OMFGAWESOME! I just did the semifreddo, no almonds and no mango orange mint salad. It’s delicious! The best part? Lil Blue Collar doesn’t like it! It’s all MINE MINE MINE!

Anyway, today’s recipe comes to you via my awesome twin sister. We’ll call her Sister Blue, just because I like the way it sounds. As she can tell you, for the longest time I didn’t eat any seafood. At all. Not even tuna. Recently I’ve started eating some fish and shellfish again. But I’m not all that good at preparing it. So, here is Sister Blue’s Simple Blue Crab recipe:

what you do is get a huge ass pot
make sure the crabs are alive
put 3 bottles of Budweiser, old bay seasoning & garlic and let them steam till cooked

Me: how much crab?

SB: a dozen
blue crab
any size
just as long as you don’t drown the crab in the beer
last time I filled the beer up in the pot and they came out so gross
so you just need enough to cover maybe an inch of the bottom of the pot

Me: do you dip it in butter? or just eat it like that?

SB: no. I just eat it like that.

There you have it. Nice, simple, and beer soaked. You could have a little butter on the side, but then Sister Blue would be forced to kidnap you and torture you until you admitted that the crabs are better without the butter. WITHOUT! HOW MANY LIGHTS ARE THERE?!

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