Secular Sunday Silliness

Did you all miss me yesterday?… Well I didn’t miss you either, SO THERE!

It’s a lovely Sunday afternoon, and you know what that means. IT’S SILLINESS TIME! Today’s silliness is brought to us by the Village People.

The funniest part of this video? The part where there are girls on the other end of the phone. Who the holy hell do they think they’re fooling? Like they’d be waiting by the phone so anxiously for a woman to call. Just stop.

(…you just said “collaborate and listen” in your head, didn’t you?).

And what’s with the dude in the beginning? Who gets all hot over saying numbers into a phone? Besides this guy.

I will say this though. No group is as good at pelvic thrusts as the Village people. Except for these guys, maybe. You know what else they’re good at? Creeping me the hell out.

I’m going to go try to scrub my eyeballs now.

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