Oh Lordy

I wasn’t going to post anything today. I have a very sore neck(shut up, you pervs!) and it’s hotter than a fat kid at a carnival(I don’t know either. Leave me alone, I’m uncomfortable). But then I found this video on reddit. And I just had to share it with you wonderful people.

It’s fucking Elmo… AND MUTHAFUCKIN WILLOW! YAY! I love me some Warwick Davis, aka the object of my nightmares, aka badass charms professor. Who the fuck does Ricky Gervais think he is? He ain’t got shit on Wicket the Ewok!(yes that is Mr. Davis, reference) I was waiting for Warwick to wingardium leviosa Ricky’s ass out the window!

There won’t be a Potential Kitchen Disaster post today. I’m really not feeling up to it. I know, the 5 of you that actually read this will be all broken up about it. I promise I’ll be back in the swing of things tomorrow…

…but you will blow me first!


One Response to Oh Lordy

  1. Liz says:


    For the record, “you will blow me first” is HILARIOUS!

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