Secular Whatever-the-F***-Day-it-is Silliness

I know, you’ve missed me terribly. What can I say? This past weekend was one of the few secular holidays, so I decided to take the observed day off. That, and I’m lazy as hell.

Since I didn’t post any silliness this past Sunday, I thought I’d brighten your afternoon with a Secular Whatever-the-Fuck-Day-it-is Silliness post:

YES! There is nothing that is not WIN about this video. I love that Dracula decided to wake from his undead slumber to help introduce the video. I love Mr. Mark Gormley’s rock n’ roll stance. I love his sexy head turn. Why am I just hearing about this guy now? WHY?! The rapist glasses alone are enough to win him a place in my heart. And the lumberjack shirt and tapered leg tight-jeans…? :: swoons ::

I am going to have to call Mark Gormizzle out on one thing, though. He stole his green screen idea from The Hoff. However, I think Gormizzle wins this battle. Technicolor butterflies > The Hoff’s fist pumping.

I especially love the woman at the end of the video:

That’s a lot to spit out!

I bet it was sweetheart… I bet it was.

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