If you’re not browsing reddit every time you have a free second then you’re doing the interwebs wrong. A lot of the time, it’s a bunch of funny pics and memes that are hilarious at first but get old pretty quick. But once you get past all that, you get to the heart of reddit. Interesting articles submitted by people all over the globe that are discussed and debated intelligently(well, mostly anyway).

Today, while looking for some inspiration I found this article about a teacher in Florida who plead guilty to having sex with 2 of her male students.

Ragusa, a former math teacher at Davidsen Middle School in Tampa, Fla., pleaded guilty in April to three counts of lewd and lascivious battery involving a 14-year-old boy, and two counts of having unlawful sex with a minor involving a 16-year-old student. The assaults occurred in 2008.

After reading some of the comments on the original article and on reddit, I found myself conflicted. The mom in me wants to rip this lady’s head off and let a necrophiliac make sweet sweet love to it. The rational part of me wants to look at the facts and analyze exactly what the hell is going on here. Since the mom side makes for a really short post, we’ll examine the rational side a bit.

First of all, it’s very clear to me from the article that the 14yr old boy was definitely molested. He obviously feels like his body and life have been violated and my heart breaks for the boy. The 16yr old was violated as well, but I think it will probably have a less severe – or at least different – effect on him. In both cases, this woman used her position of authority to manipulate these boys into a sexual “relationship” with her. For that, I hope she rots.

But you know what really bothers me about this whole thing? It’s the double standard. If the gender of the offender was male, there’d be little to no debate in the comment section of whether or not he’s guilty. There would be that one dude who would come out and say something like, “I think a 16yr old knows whether or not they want to have sex” or, “Perhaps 10 years is a little too much time. Maybe she needs intense counseling” and the page would explode in attacks on that dude. You know it and I know it. There is a serious problem with the way we look at female sex offenders. This is sexism at possibly it’s most dangerous.

Where are the feminists in these cases? Where are the people calling for equal treatment under the law? Just because the offender is a woman doesn’t make them any more or less guilty. And it sure as hell doesn’t make them any less sick in the head.

–Side Note: I’m not a feminist. I’m not anti-feminism either. I’m all about equal rights and don’t like to associate myself with a movement that often times promotes one gender’s rights over another, whether intentional or not.

One Response to Yuck

  1. Kristine says:

    They had this playing on the news all day a few days ago. The teacher also looked as if she had issues. She was walking into the court room laughing and playing. I do not think she was fit to be a teacher by all means. I think they need to test the mental stability of these teachers.

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