Secular Sunday Silliness

Those of the Christian persuasion use Sundays as the day to worship, pray, reflect on their faith and all that. In the Blue Collar household, it’s a day for silliness!

I prefer celebrating silliness. It keeps me grounded. It’s a way for me to bond with my kid. And laughing keeps me sane.

Today’s Silliness was brought to us by Liz Di Nunzio(shameless promotion of my friend’s awesome awesomeness…don’t you judge me!)*. I present to you, Country Hip Hop Dancing:

How fabulous was that! Makes you want to tease your mullet, put on your fancy stirrup pants, and get down witchya bad self, don’t it? And that TJ, mmmmm. Sexy. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this new Sunday feature. If not, you’re a terrorist.

*seriously, though. you should check out Liz’s website. she really is talented 🙂


2 Responses to Secular Sunday Silliness

  1. CUNT HOP!!!

    btw, was that Prince’s fat brother in the background?.. c’mon, you KNOW who i’m talking about, lol

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