If You’re Racist And You Know It…

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if you don’t support Obama…that doesn’t necessarily make you a racist. There, I said it. Is this the part when they come to take my liberal card away?

It’s true though. There are people all over the political spectrum that have problems with the way Mr. Obama is handling things. For me, personally, I like him a lot. I think it’s nice to have a smart, charismatic person in office again. But I do wish he were more progressive, slightly more left of center. There are conservatives out there who disagree with the President for ideological reasons. I can respect that. I don’t have to agree, but as long as you have your facts straight I think you’re entitled to your own opinion.

This post isn’t about the rational dissenters. This is about those people that thought politics were boring and only loser-geek-nerds cared about that kinda thing until a black man won the democratic nomination. Then, all of a sudden, they started paying attention. Because, you know, the economy is bad…yeah. That’s why they started paying attention. And, well, of course they had to support a “conservative” candidate. Because they didn’t want to pay more taxes, and republicans don’t raise taxes, right? And they have to believe what the talking heads tell them on tv, because they wouldn’t be on tv if they were liars…right? YEAH! OBAMER IS A MUSLIM COMMIE NAZI WHO HATES WHITE PEOPLE!!!!1

The problem with this small but vocal group of people is not that they’re racist. It’s that they’re racist and they don’t even know it. Why is that worse? Because it indicates a complete lack of self-analysis. They never stand back and ask themselves why they’re so damn angry. They generally are the “I’m not a racist because I have a black friend” types of people. And they’ll call that one person their ‘black friend’ and whisper the word black like it’s taboo or something. The racism is so ingrained into who they are that they don’t even know it’s there. They’ll repeat a catchy one liner they heard somewhere(‘somewhere’ = FoxNews), but when you challenge them they have no idea what the actual facts are about any of the democrat’s policies. When you take the time to actually talk to them you’ll see their true nature show itself. They’re angry, hateful, childish, self-centered, apathetic and gullible. They’re mad because their side didn’t win.

And, yes, a lot of them are racist. Not in a cross-burning way. In a “separate-but-equal” kind of way. Either way, it sickens me. If you say racist things and think racist thoughts, guess what? You’re a racist. Just because you don’t believe it to be so doesn’t make it less true. At least have the balls to admit it to yourself.

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